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La Mesa De Maya (Maya´s table) offers the chef´s menus, minidillas (lovely, tasty, smaller portions) tacos, salads, fajitas, main courses and desserts include homemade spanish deep fried doughnuts (Churros) and homemade mexican popsicles. The menus offers an alternative for a group looking for more authentic flavors.

Andres Rodriguez Badillo, Mexican Chef of La Mesa De Maya has for years brought customers authentic Mexican flavors to taste. Now he gets a chance to show his skills by bringing his grandmother’s recipes for you to taste.

Andres was born in Queretaro, Mexico and has spent time with his grandmother (Abuela) for meals made up for the whole family. Grandmother has taught why things are done a certain way and the varied aromas of the food have charmed Andres to go into the industry.

Andres spent his youth in a restaurant opened by his parents´ home village under the guidance of a strict and demanding chef. As confidence slowly grew in skills, Andres attended the Culinary Institute of Mexico, Mexico´s most prestigious school in Puebla. The basics of French cuisine were learned under strict discipline. The dream has always been to set up a Mexican restaurant. In the words of Andres, “You know best the kitchen you’ve lived on and the making comes from the heart tradition.”

Mexican beer goes well with Mexican food. In addition to the familiar Margaritas, Mojitos and other cocktails, we bring Micheladas as a novelty to the drink menu!